We are celebrating Social Work and Child Life Specialist Month and recognizing the wonderful  team we have at Almost Home Kids Kids.



Amy Bramwell, MSW
Social Worker





Alex Schober, BS, CCLS
Certified Child Life Specialist





Molly Kim, MSW
Social Worker


Below are the standard descriptions of both Social Workers and Child Life Specialists, but it misses our the extra special care and attention part that our social workers and child life specialist give the children in our care and their families. Our transitional care and respite care models would not be as successful as they are without the amazing work, TLC  and expertise that Amy, Alex and Molly bring to Almost Home Kids.

Social workers support individuals and their families through difficult times and ensure that vulnerable people, including children and adults, are safeguarded from harm. Their role is to help improve outcomes in people’s lives. They maintain professional relationships and act as guides and advocates.

Child life specialists are health care professionals who help children and families navigate the process of illness, injury, disability, trauma, or hospitalization.

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